Margaret's Square Dancing Party

This year Margaret B. of Plaza Del Rio Care Center in Peoria, AZ became a centenarian. For her 100th birthday, Margaret celebrated a passion that helped her get through the tough times…..Square dancing.

Margaret didn’t take up square dancing until she was 60 years-old. For Margaret, who had just lost her husband at the time, square dancing was a way to lift her spirits, stay active, and meet new people. It isn’t often people find a new passion at age 60, but Margaret all in. She traveled the country following her favorite caller, Richard Kenyon, and even square danced in Hawaii. Margaret said square dancing helped heal her. 

Margaret stopped square dancing at age 81, but her passion for the square dancing culture endured. Wish of a Lifetime and Brookdale were happy to send the Westerners Square Dance Club to Plaza Del Rio, to help Margaret celebrate such a big milestone! Margaret said that she has never had alcohol or smoked in her life and attributes that to her longevity, as well as positive thinking. Margaret expects many more birthdays to come. As she said, "I still feel good and I refuse to die.!"