Renata's 90th Birthday Ride

Renata Whitney (90) remembers the first date she had with her “future husband”- he asked her to go on a ride on his motorcycle. This was something Renata had never done before and she was fairly surprised her parents gave her permission to go with him. This began Renata’s interest in motorcycles. She and her husband would go on at least a few “rides” a week and later in life they even were a part of a club that went riding together to different locations. 

Renata and her husband owned a few motorcycles throughout their life together. They even owned a sidecar, but its main purpose was to allow their children to have the chance to go with their father. Renata wishes to have the opportunity to once more experience the feeling of being “free” with the wind in her hair in a motorcycle sidecar. Renata has never actually ridden in a sidecar, however her current physical condition would not allow her to ride on the back of a bike since she is confined to a wheelchair. 

Family has always been very important to Renata. She spent most of her time caring for her kids, and also cared for her mother when she became ill. Renata was a foster mom for quite some time, fostering a total of 13 babies. Currently residing at Brookdale Litchfield Hills in Torrington, CT Renata is one of the Welcome Ambassadors. She enjoys helping new residents acclimate to the Brookdale Community by showing them around and having them attend activities with her.

Wish of a Lifetime and Brookdale worked together with Bud Wilkinson, Bell Helmets, Toymakers Cafe, Doc's Motorcycle Parts, and Explicipt Airbrush arranged a day that Renata will never forget. Renata met Bud Wilkinson and many others at Toymaker's Cafe where they enjoyed their infamous Green Eggs and Ham dish. At the cafe Renata was presented with her custom designed motorcycle helmet and then went on a 45 minute ride around town. 

Photography Credits: Neil Tolhurst