Ruth Balfour Attends Aerial Performance

Ruth B., 98, from Brookdale ‘s Spring Arbor in Rock Hill, SC, is described by those who love her as a woman who is cheerful, full or life, well-traveled, and understands the world. Ruth suffers with Dementia, but every time the topic of a circus is mentioned, she lights up. Ruth wished to witness the trapeze artists swinging up high and everything that pertains to an aerial performance. 

Over the course of her lifetime, Ruth served as a ‘Pink Lady’ hospital volunteer during the post WWII era. Her volunteer service as a Pink Lady motivated her to obtain her nursing degree at the age of 50. Nursing was more than a career for Ruth; it was a way of life. Ruth also volunteered at and organized various Church events and programs. She was always active with the seniors and helped her community with needs like cooking and planning baby showers. 

Thanks to Brookdale, Wish of a Lifetime, and Aerial CLT, Ruth’s wish was granted on February 26th 2017. By attending the final dress rehearsal to an instructor showcase, Ruth and her 9 other family and Brookdale community guests were able to experience the thrill of an aerial performance which included performances on lyra hoops, silk, hammock, and trapeze . Although Ruth has Dementia, she was be able to live in the moment while feeling happiness and excitement once more.

Photography Credit: Picture This Photography NC