St. Louis Cardinals Fan, Billy Bob, Watches a Game Again

Billy Bob, 89, of Brookdale Paducah, grew up in small town in Kentucky. Just across the Mississippi River was Cairo, Illinois, where the St. Louis Cardinals had spring training in the 1940’s. He said he used to skip school and walk all the way to Cairo just to watch the Cardinals practice. Then, when he was a senior in high school, he worked as their bat boy and errand boy for three spring training seasons. Now, Billy Bob’s Wish of a Lifetime was once again watch his favorite team, the St. Louis Cardinals, play ball at Busch Stadium.

In his adult years, Billy Bob served his country and his local town. For four years, Billy Bob served in the army in Korea during the Korean War. After that, he served as the elected jailer and town's sheriff for the majority of his working years.

Billy Bob says, “Baseball has always been a part of my life.” Baseball is his passion and he brought baseball into his community. He started the first Little League and Adult Baseball League in his town and stayed very involved. He played Adult Baseball League for 15 years until “his legs gave out.” Billy Bob is also very proud of his throwing ability. He once threw a baseball over the town’s courthouse dome, which is very impressive. Another time, he threw a silver dollar across the Cumberland River.

More than anything, Billy Bob wished to watch a St. Louis Cardinals’ game to relive his love of baseball once again. Thanks to Wish of a Lifetime and Brookdale, Billy Bob went watch his favorite team play ball at Busch Stadium, the home of the Cardinals. Billy Bob and his son, Van, watched the game on June 19th, just in time for Father's Day. The St. Louis Cardinals wrote Billy Bob a special letter thanking him for being such an amazing fan. They also put up a special message for Billy Bob on the scoreboard during the game.

Photos by Julia Lopez of Angel Falls Photography