Verna Hits the Road

Verna, a 100-year-old Brookdale resident, grew up in Long Beach, California and has spent much of her life riding motorcycles. Her husband and herself used to spend every summer taking road trips on their motorcycles throughout the United States, specifically in California, and spending each night camping out with each other. 

Verna and her husband were always the adventurous types, thus they sought to go on these motorcycle trips as often as they could, until careers, age, and children started to take up more of their time.

Verna often reminisces about her late husband and her time with him traveling the country. Verna's wish is to ride in a motorcycle sidecar so that she might once more be able to remember all the exhilarating feelings that come with riding a motorcycle that Verna had once so closely associated with the love of her life. 

Verna has cared about her familial relationships all her life. Her husband and herself were unconditionally in love with each other, doing anything and everything to make the other one happy. Verna also worked a long twenty years as an insurance seller to provide for her children. Verna has continued to do what she can for her family at any moment. She even moved from California to Colorado to be closer to her daughter Nancy.

Those around her describe her as a kind and caring person; a saint, some even say. Wish of a Lifetime is more than happy to provide Verna with this sidecar experience, knowing that it will truly prove to be a happy and momentous ride that should fill Verna with joy. 

Wish of a Lifetime and Brookdale were happy to get Verna back in the saddle on August 1st, with the help of Unique Rides Inc. of Fort Collins. Verna was able to ride alongside her daughters on a bright sunny day and returned to Brookdale Fort Collins where a Harley Davidson themed cake that was made by the staff awaited her!