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For Healthcare Professionals

At Brookdale, our hospice teams can step in to assist your patient and their family through this emotional time. We deliver skilled and compassionate care with the goal of providing comfort and managing pain. At the same time, we aim to provide the patient with as much independence and control as possible, for as long as possible.

Care We Can Offer Your Patients
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Routine Home Care

Members from the hospice team make intermittent home visits to ensure the patient’s symptoms are properly managed. The team also educates and communicates with the family with regard to the patient’s needs. This may include supplies, medications (relating to the patient’s terminal prognosis) and medical equipment.

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Continuous Care

Continuous care is provided at home during periods of crisis to help the patient manage pain and acute medical symptoms that are out of control.

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General Inpatient Care

Some patients may have symptoms that cannot be managed at home to maintain pain control. Inpatient care is also provided in a designated center where an interdisciplinary staff can take an aggressive and individualized approach.

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Respite Care

Respite care is a supportive service that allows a patient to stay at a care center on a temporary or short-term basis. The stay could be planned or unexpected due to an emergency situation. Respite care is a useful tool for caregivers because it offers them a reprieve from caring for a loved one.




We understand patients have choices for hospice services. That’s why we are committed to earning your trust, one patient at a time, by delivering attentive, personalized care based on integrity and a passion for service.

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