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Become a Brookdale Hospice Volunteer

If you’re looking for a place that celebrates your calling to help others, you’ve found it in Brookdale Hospice. Many of our care teams, which are located across the country, make great use of volunteers as they help walk through the hospice journey with our patients and their families.


Help enrich lives when it matters most.

Reach out to a Hospice provider to learn about volunteer opportunities in your area.

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Provide Compassionate Care for Every Stage

Our philosophy at Brookdale Hospice is that life is much more than physical health. It also includes the health of the human spirit. When physical health begins to fail, the nurturing of the spirit becomes critical for maintaining the dignity of the individual.

Brookdale hospice volunteers are individuals who support the patient in a variety of ways, such as companionship, running errands, providing transportation and more. Volunteers provide respite to caregivers. 

Hospice is a philosophy of care focused on comfort and quality of life at the end of life. It's designed to treat the whole person emotionally, socially, spiritually and physically by providing comfort and support to patients and their families.

As one of our valued volunteers, you would be joining an entire team of caregivers that include:

  • Registered Nurse Case Manager
  • Chaplain/Spiritual Counselor
  • Social Workers
  • Hospice Aid
  • Bereavement Services

Learn more about the hospice team.


Hospice Volunteer FAQs

Hospice volunteers provide a wide range of support for patients and their families. This can be just sitting and visiting with people, taking walks, writing letters together, or listening to music. If you have special certifications, like massage therapy, you might provide that service as well.

As a volunteer, you’ll offer whatever help you can to patients and their families. That might include providing childcare, picking up children from school, caring for family pets, shopping or household maintenance. Many volunteers even volunteer as a barber, or a beautician, or even helping with landscaping.

One important way that volunteers can make a difference is by providing support to the family and friends who are losing their loved ones. Whether you’re helping out with grocery shopping or taking care of the family pet, you will have an opportunity to help not just our patients, but their loved ones too.

Many hospices require volunteers to be over the age of 18 or 21, but it is possible to find volunteer programs for high school students. While it is common for those who have recently lost a loved one in hospice to desire to volunteer, many hospice communities require newly bereaved volunteers to wait a period of time before volunteering at the bedside.

Delivering care to those in hospice can certainly be a challenge. But many volunteers find it to be rewarding, and many would even say it’s a calling to help walk patients and their families through the end of their life’s journey.

The first step to joining the Brookdale hospice team is to find a provider in your area and reach out directly to them. Find a Provider