Adjustments Take Time

While it may seem like a simple decision to you, choosing to move into an assisted living community can be a life-changing decision for your loved one. It is easy for you to step back, assess the situation objectively, and see the benefits of assisted living. But your loved one may only be able to see what they are giving up.


Understanding Their Feelings

Before you can begin to talk to your loved one about moving to assisted living, you need to be able to empathize with how they are feeling about this new life change. Assisted living has unfortunately gotten a bad reputation among seniors. Many seniors feel like they will be losing their independence and freedom if they move into a community. When in reality, it’s the opposite of that. Not only does assisted living improve seniors’ quality of life, but it allows seniors to increase their independence and privacy by providing a safe and secure environment.

Another reason your loved one may be hesitant about an assisted living community is because they may not want to part with any of their belongings. They might feel like they have to throw away their possessions in order to downsize to an assisted living apartment. But in reality, your loved one will be able to bring many of their personal items, such as furniture, artwork, and pictures, into their assisted living apartment. And while they are at an assisted living community, they’ll have the opportunity to create new memories, make new friends and nurture their existing relationships, which is something they may not be able to do while living alone. 



How We Can Help You

Our communities have many years of experience easing seniors into assisted living, and doing it in a way that makes seniors feel loved and cared for. Call us to learn more about the quality care and attention we'd provide for your loved one.