Ask the Right Question

Your loved one could spend many years living on their own and never need additional help or assistance. But eventually, there will come a time when they'll start struggling to accomplish certain daily activities. They may forget whether they’ve taken their medication or showered that day. It’s completely normal. This is usually a good indication to start looking into assisted living. An assisted living community can step in and provide that extra dose of attention and care to your loved one. 

It’s important to notice early on when your loved one would be better served in an assisted living community. Your loved one may not recognize when it’s time to make the transition. That's why as a caregiver, you should pay special attention during visits to see if their regular behaviors have changed. Here are a few questions to ask yourself which may indicate that it's time for your loved one to join an assisted living community: 

  • Have you noticed uneaten food going bad in the fridge? 
  • Is your loved one wearing the same clothing every time you visit? 
  • Does your loved one spend less time on their hygiene? 
  • Have you noticed an increase in accidents that happen to your loved one?
  • Is your loved one struggling to move throughout their home? 
  • Does your loved one forget to turn off certain household appliances?