Keep Your Documents In Order

When acting as caregiver to a loved one in an assisted living community, it is your responsibility to maintain accurate and thorough records for your loved one. From healthcare to financial records, it is necessary for you to stay organized and active when facilitating your loved one’s care.

As a primary caregiver, the more documents you can keep in your possession, the more efficient you will be when a need for one of the documents arises.

Use the following checklist to help you identify the types of valuable records you should be keeping for your loved one in assisted living, as well as a helpful way to keep things organized.



The most important records you need to maintain for your loved one are accurate personal health records. In the case of an emergency, it will be necessary for you to have access to your loved one’s healthcare records and important documents.

In general, the major information you need to keep regarding the healthcare of your loved one includes:

  • Summary of health history
  • List of medical contacts (physicians, family members, etc.)
  • Brief health history of immediate family members
  • List of current medications
  • List of all prescription information
  • Any special health instructions



Your loved one may be financially stable when they move into an assisted living community, but it is necessary to maintain records for all financial information regarding your loved one. From credit card debts to vacation properties, it is the role of a primary caregiver to assist loved ones with their financial information.

Some of the important information to keep close records of for your loved one includes:

  • Inventory of financial assets
  • Checking and savings accounts
  • Investments (stocks, bonds, 401(k), etc.)
  • Revenue sources
  • Property deeds
  • Debt information (mortgages, car loans, etc.)
  • Tax records

It may seem overwhelming to become the primary caregiver to a loved one in an assisted living facility, but by staying organized and efficient, you can reduce levels of stress. Trying to compile necessary information during a crisis can be difficult, but if you sit down with your loved one and make a detailed list of all important information, you can spend less time worrying and more time enjoying your loved one’s retirement years.

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