Find the Community Right For You

Whether you’d love to have a gorgeous golf course in your backyard, a private balcony off your beautiful apartment, or a lovely lake where you can relax and read by the water — it is possible to find the perfect Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) for you.

Each CCRC is unique and special in its own way, but they all have excellent care, wonderful amenities, and luxurious accommodations.

But how do you find the right one? Here are a few ways to select the perfect CCRC you’ll be proud to call home.

Determine what kind of care it provides

CCRCs offer more care levels than a traditional senior living community, but the number and types of care levels provided can vary among CCRCs. For instance, one CCRC might have independent living, assisted living, and memory care. While another one might also offer skilled nursing care. So consider what your care needs may be in the future and which community best fits those needs.

Also, spend time learning about the staff and the care services available at each CCRC — as these can influence the quality of care. Ask questions like: What type of medical specialists are on staff? What care policies are in place? Is emergency care easily accessible? What services are provided?

Get a feel for the living environment

Your ideal CCRC should be a place that feels like home. But what “home” means is totally up to you. Would you love to live in a lavish space similar to a gorgeous resort?

Or perhaps you’d prefer a more intimate space that resembles a personal home. The furnishings aren’t as fancy but they are cozy and comfortable, where you could easily spend hours relaxing by the fire chatting with friends or savoring a good book.

Consider the place you’d love to live in, and then narrow down your search to those communities that fit that criteria. And set up a time to tour the community in person.

Check out the amenities

The CCRC you choose should be a good fit for your lifestyle. Think about how you enjoy spending your time. Are you a huge golf fanatic? Do you love being involved in clubs and organizations? You’ll want to be in a place where you’ll have plenty of fun ways to spend your free time.

Look for a full range of amenities, such as a swimming pool, library, computer room, beauty shop, cafe and transportation services. Inquire about what kind of activities and social events regularly happen at the community, and learn about any daily or weekly services, like the housekeeping/laundry and the dining services.

Make sure they can accommodate special needs

If you have any special needs, such as dietary restrictions, it is important to inquire whether or not the community can accommodate those needs. Many CCRCs are able to handle a wide range of special needs. For instance, many already offer special meal plans for those with diabetes. But make sure to communicate any special needs beforehand.

Crunch the numbers

Of course price does play a significant part in selecting the right CCRC. But the great news is that CCRCs come in a range of price points. The cost you pay will depend on the community, your living accommodations, services, care needs, and whether it’s a rental or Life Care option. So you will have some control over the price point by the selections you make.

But your payment covers almost all your living expenses such as rent, onsite amenities, daily meals, assistance from staff, your care services, as well as many other perks. So many of your current expenses would be included in the CCRC cost.

Learn More About CCRCs

Need help deciding on the right CCRC? Our helpful senior living advisors can discuss the different options available, arrange an appointment to tour a community and more. Just give us a call.

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