Enjoy a Worry-Free Retirement

If you are looking to make the most of your retirement experience, then a Life Care Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) is one of the best choices you can make. Life Care is a unique senior living option that provides guaranteed care for life. You’ll no longer have to worry about your financial assets running out, because a Life Care CCRC will continue to provide quality care even if that happens.*

In addition to this awesome guarantee, a Life Care CCRC also provides a top-of-the-line retirement experience where you can enjoy excellent accommodations, wonderful services and plenty of other perks. Want to learn more? Take a deeper dive into the benefits of a Life Care CCRC.


Security in Your Future

When you join a Life Care community, you are making an investment in your future.

At a Life Care CCRC, you’ll receive guaranteed care for the length of your life — even if your financial funds are exhausted through no fault of your own.*

You won’t have to wonder, “What if I run out of money?” Because even if that did happen, you’ll still continue to receive the same quality care, in excellent living accommodations, and enjoying wonderful amenities and services.

This peace of mind enables you to enjoy your retirement to the fullest extent. You can spend your time with family without worrying about ever being a burden on them. At a Life Care CCRC, you can feel confident in your future.

*The life care guarantee is subject to the terms & conditions of the Residency Contract.


Wonderful Services and Amenities

Often times, a Life Care community is one of the best senior living experiences that money can buy. You’ll have access to a wide assortment of perks you typically don’t have while living alone.

Every Life Care CCRC has a range of amenities that are available for your enjoyment. On any given day, you could take a dip in the swimming pool, get a manicure at the beauty shop, take a class at the fitness center, and sip on some coffee at the local café. Many CCRCs also feature specialized amenities like an onsite golf course, woodworking shop, and gardening area where residents can easily pursue their hobbies.

All of the high-class services at a Life Care community help create a resort-like environment. If you don’t feel like doing laundry or cleaning, no problem. Our housekeeping services will take care of all that for you. For mealtime, many residents take advantage of the excellent dining services at the community. All of the meals are prepared by a highly trained chef and served in the beautifully decorated dining room. Many CCRCs also offer a concierge service to ensure that residents can get their needs met quickly and easily.

This is just a small sample of the services and amenities you could be enjoying. To view the full list, check out a Life Care CCRC’s community page to discover all the wonderful perks they offer.

An Excellent Social Environment

Life Care communities are a wonderful place to meet new friends, enjoy social and cultural outings, take interesting classes, and even volunteer. Each Life Care community features it’s own social calendar that includes anything from yoga classes and cooking demonstrations to live performances and ice cream socials. The activities are tailored to a wide range of interests, and there are plenty of activities designed for socialization as well as individual pursuits.

Another great benefit to living in a Life Care community is that you’ll be living amongst wonderful people in the same stage of life. Your friends will no longer be miles away. At a Life Care CCRC, they’ll just be within walking distance. You can easily get together for lunch, game nights, movie watching, playing golf, or any number of activities. New residents quickly bond with staff and other residents to create a wonderful family-like environment. Many seniors often find themselves wondering, “Why didn’t I make the move the sooner?”


See For Yourself

Brookdale’s Life Care communities provide a place where seniors can live, socialize and receive the care they need, while knowing that they can remain in the same community should their care needs change in the future.