Personalized Care in the Comfort of Your Home

Home health is often used for those who need assistance at home during recovery from a recent illness, or after a recent stay in a hospital or skilled nursing facility.

Home health care can also enable an older adult to continue living at home even though they may be dealing with declining health.

Whatever the situation, Brookdale Home Health can provide a variety of services and assistance based on each individual's needs and preferences.

How to Get Started with Home Health Care

After receiving a physician’s referral, a Brookdale Home Health nurse will come out to the home to assess your loved one’s needs, then work with the family doctor to develop an individualized care plan that will be reviewed regularly. The frequency of home health care visits and the services provided (skilled nursing, rehabilitation services or personal care services) are based on your doctor’s orders in the personal care plan.

If your loved one meets Medicare’s definition of homebound he or she may be entitled to Medicare’s Home Health Benefit as long as the services are also ordered by a physician, and the need for skilled services is short-term or intermittent. Your state’s Medicaid program or your private insurance also may pay for home health care services that Medicare doesn’t cover.

Conditions Brookdale Home Health Can Help With:

If your loved one is living with arthritis, our physical therapists can perform joint and soft tissue mobilization to increase range of motion. They can also develop a personalized plan of exercises to improve flexibility, strength, coordination and balance. Our occupational therapists can teach your loved one how to use their body properly when doing daily activities and can recommend assistive devices to reduce pain.

Dementia Care
A Brookdale Home Health nurse can assess your loved one and evaluate their cognitive and functional levels as well as teach families strategies for dealing with challenging behaviors like agitation. In late-stage dementia, patients often face physical challenges, which can be alleviated by our rehabilitation team. For instance, a Brookdale speech therapist can address communication or swallowing difficulties while an occupational therapist can strengthen oral muscles. In addition, a physical therapist can prescribe exercises and perform manual therapy if your loved one is experiencing impaired balance or coordination associated with dementia.  

Diabetes is one of the most common chronic conditions treated by Brookdale Home Health. The team can teach patients who have been diagnosed with diabetes to:

  • Check their blood sugar
  • Give themselves insulin shots
  • Keep track of their diabetes
  • Determine the symptoms of low and high blood glucose
  • Manage an insulin reaction

They will also educate and encourage your loved one about how to make changes in their diet and exercise to better manage the disease.

Fall prevention
Because falls can have a serious impact on a senior’s quality of life, fall prevention is a key service offered by Brookdale Home Health. Our physical therapists screen patients for their risk of falling by examining their balance, flexibility, muscle strength and gait; they then provide any necessary training. Our occupational therapists also assess the home environment for potential modifications and recommend assistive devices, while our nurses educate patients and caregivers about home safety.

Heart and lung conditions
Brookdale Home Health also works with a large number of heart and lung patients. Our nurses educate patients who have had a heart attack or are living with hypertension, congestive heart failure or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease on how to best manage their condition. They also show heart patients how to recognize early symptoms to take appropriate actions, as well as provide advice on diet and low intensity aerobic and anaerobic exercise. 

Orthopedic recovery
When a patient has had a hip replacement or other orthopedic surgery, the team uses a combination of skilled nursing care to treat the surgical wound and physical therapy to address any weaknesses based on the orthopedic physicians’ orders for post-surgical care. The team can also provide personal care services, such as dressing or bathing.

When it comes to treating stroke patients, Brookdale’s Rehabilitation Services are essential. Our physical therapists may be able to improve physical functioning in patients who have movement, balance and coordination problems while our occupational therapists develop adaptive strategies for such activities like eating or dressing. Finally, our speech therapists work with patients who have problems communicating.

Wound Care
No matter what the type of wound, our nurses work closely with patients and their physician to develop a customized care plan that meets their specific needs. This includes assessing and measuring the wound and skin around it, choosing the right dressing and changing wound dressings. They also educate patients and caregivers on how to change wound dressings and how to recognize signs of infection.