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Brookdale Home Health is a Medicare-certified home health agency committed to providing excellent, multidisciplinary services delivered by an experienced team of healthcare professionals. Our goal is to develop individualized plan of care under the supervision of a physician that returns our patients to a life of independence as quickly as possible.


Home Care Services

  • Skilled Nursing
  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Social Worker
  • Home Health Aides Services

Service Area

  • Richmond, VA
  • Surrounding Areas

Finding the right home health services can make all the difference.

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Nursing Services

  • Wound care
  • Teaching and training for medical conditions or procedures
  • Assessment after a change in medical condition
  • Medication changes/teaching/monitoring
  • Injections
  • Catheter maintenance
  • Diabetes management


  • Orthopedic rehab (fractures, joint replacements, etc.)
  • Neurological rehab (stroke, brain injury, etc.)
  • Balance disorders
  • Dysphagia/aphasia
  • Home management skills
  • Adaptive/assistive equipment
  • Activities of Daily Living (ADL) retraining

Rehabilitation & Safety

  • Cardiac rehabilitation
  • Pulmonary rehabilitation
  • Fall prevention programs
  • Low vision programs
  • Transitional care
  • Stroke management and rehabilitation

Medical Social Workers

  • Community resource planning
  • Placement planning

Home Health Aides

  • Assistance with bathing 
  • Personal care
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We’ve invested years helping our residents age well, covering their diverse needs across the care continuum.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Home Health

Brookdale home health is a Medicare-certified agency and a fully owned subsidiary of Brookdale Senior Living. We offer services when you need to be more independent in your home (or in a senior living community), or you are transitioning from a medical care facility back to your home. We assess the quality of your abilities in order to reduce or prevent further decline, safety risk and injury.

We assess your ability to perform all tasks up to and including high-level skills and activities. With this approach we can identify needs early, and truly enrich and enhance your life. By working under the supervision of your doctor, we strive to return you to medical independence as quickly as possible.

If you have Medicare, your home health services may be covered up to 100 percent. Medicare Part B covers 80% of the expenses with a required patient co-payment of 20%. Medicare Part A covers 100% if you meet the following requirements:

  • Home health services are ordered by your physician and deemed medically necessary.
  • You need skilled care from a licensed professional.
  • You need short-term intermittent care.
  • You are homebound.

Brookdale Home Health also accepts most insurances, long-term care, and private pay. We will call your insurance company to verify benefits and discuss them with you before starting services.

Home health might be ideal if you've experienced any of the following:

  • Diagnosed with an illness
  • Change in your health condition
  • Changes to medication
  • Recently hospitalized
  • Fear of falling or feel at risk for a fall
  • Concerns about safety and independence at home
  • Require assistance to leave home
  • Need help with Medical needs
  • Needs assistance with Medications
  • Concerns for safety/mobility

Medicare Part A covers 100% of the following services: skilled nursing visits (RN and LPN visits), physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, social work, and home health aide services to assist with bathing up to two times per week. Medicare B only covers therapy services; it does not cover any nursing, social work, or home health aide services. 


When home health is started, your doctor will initially certify for a 60-day episode. You can be recertified after the initial 60-day episode should conditions warrant. (Brookdale Home Health’s typical benchmark is 45 days.)

An RN Case Management team will be assigned to you and they will work with you to coordinate visits. Aside from illness and personal time off, all efforts are made to keep the same nurse and therapists with the patient through the entire home health episode.