Maintaining Independence 

You may be concerned that moving to a senior living community means losing independence. While making the decision to move can be challenging, moving to an independent living community could be the start of a new, inspiring chapter in life — filled with new friendships and new adventures.

Questions to Ask Yourself:

Is it becoming more difficult to connect with family and friends?

Perhaps your friends and family are busy with work and other commitments. Lifelong neighbors have moved away. You’re not driving as often as you used to. It’s more difficult to get out of the house to visit others or for appointments. All these realities may leave you feeling isolated or left out. Moving to an independent living community could help. You can enjoy a connection to a social network of friends and neighbors at the community. Look for an independent living community that offers an engaging calendar of events, activities, clubs and outings. You may find yourself busier than before.

Is maintaining your current home becoming a burden?

While you may be very proud of the home you have built over the years, the upkeep and maintenance may now feel overwhelming. Trade the work and expense of house maintenance for a well-appointed residence that serves you. Find an independent living community that takes care of the chores, while you relax and enjoy a well-deserved retirement. There you will enjoy a lifestyle that offers refined amenities, attentive service and engaging opportunities.

How is your health?

It’s important to consider your current health status as well as your future health needs. If you have a health condition that may worsen over time or make it difficult to stay active, you will want to consider your senior living options carefully. Perhaps you will even want to consider a community that offers a continuum of care, so if your needs change, you have the assurance that the care you need is available on one campus, without having to move away from friends. Can you manage daily tasks such as washing, showering and eating? Can you manage your finances and your medications? Independent living is ideal for residents who are self-sufficient and generally need little or no assistance with these daily activities.

Independent living is an opportunity to make your life easier. Without the added work of house maintenance, laundry or daily meal preparation, you have the freedom to enjoy the retirement of your dreams.  

Is it Time to Consider Independent Living?

If you're still not sure if independent living is right for you, contact a senior living advisor at the number above. They can help you determine if the time is right for independent living or some other type of senior living community.