Understanding their needs and finding the right balance.

There’s no formula in caring for loved ones with Alzheimer’s. And there’s no “right way” to handle the challenges ahead. But there are some tips that may make the day-to-day seem a little less overwhelming.

One of the first steps in providing the proper care is to better understand your loved one's situation and what the future holds for their health. This way you can feel less confused on how to treat your loved one and start feeling more confident about the decisions and choices you're making.


Select the stage that best describes your loved one.

Long-Term Planning: Getting Legal Paperwork in Order

If possible, it’s important to gather the legal paperwork you need during the earliest stages of Alzheimer’s. These papers will let your loved one grant their spouse, children, or other caretaker the power to make legal, financial, and/or health decisions once they are no longer able. Below is a suggestion of some of the paperwork you might want to get in place:

  • Power of attorney 
  • Power of attorney for healthcare
  • Living and standard wills
  • Living trust
  • Guardianship or conservatorship

Alzheimer's Journals

Put Your Feelings on Paper

Brookdale's Alzheimer's and Dementia Journals are excellent resources that can help you or your loved one navigate new or existing challenges.

View the journal for: