Clare Bridge: Our Brand of Memory Care

At Brookdale, we believe that our Clare Bridge Program is a bridge of understanding, acceptance, and commitment to memory and dementia care that protects the spirit of each resident. Highly trained Clare Bridge associates provide dementia care services and ensure “daily moments of success.” Our Clare Bridge program is deeply rooted in the philosophy of Person Centered Care. It is our belief that if we meet the basic person centered needs of each resident, we are ensuring Daily Moments of Success each day.

Clare Bridge offers communities with secured environments and programs for those with Alzheimer’s and dementia. The Clare Bridge concept has evolved over more than 25 years by continually embracing the latest ideas in good Alzheimer’s care practice, coupled with the experience of caring for thousands of individuals with dementia and their families.



1 . Clare Bridge Daily Path

The Daily Path offers a gentle daily structure (seven days per week) choreographed with a minimum of six programs per day. All are designed to maintain the assisted living resident’s abilities and encourage the use of their remaining skills. The Daily Path creates a routine that gives each resident a sense of security that they are “right where they need to be.” Daily Path activities include:

  • Morning Mental Workout includes discussions, brain stimulating games, and reminiscing.
  • Daily Physical Activity involves a variety of exercise opportunities including group exercises, walking programs, and dancing.
  • Daily Life Skills are individual or group activities throughout the day which provide a sense of purpose,meaning, and belonging.
  • Person Centered Programming includes activities designed to use the resident’s own social history information as a foundation. By honoring past interests and involvements, programs tap into remaining skills and support successful experiences.

2. Clare Bridge Dining Program

The Clare Bridge Dining Program was designed by a team of Alzheimer’s care, specialists including a gerontologist specializing in dementia care, a corporate chef, and a registered dietician. This unique dietary program maintains the resident’s ability to enjoy and master the dining experience. The program offers such specialized aspects as: 

  • Dementia Friendly Menus provide diverse offerings, including “finger food” and weight-loss prevention.
  • Selections have been reviewed for manageability, digestibility, familiarity, and palatability.
  • Individualized Dining Assistance evaluates each resident to determine the level of prompting assistance needed to preserve the resident’s use of utensils as long as possible.
  • The Supportive Dining Environment incorporates small dining rooms with consistent seating to support the challenges of those with dementia. This encourages familiarity and socialization while supporting the needs of the residents through the assignment of resident care assistants. Music, centerpieces, and fresh linens enhance the environment.

3. Clare Bridge Training Program

Guidance and teaching on the complex task of providing excellent dementia care is an ongoing effort and involves all levels of Clare Bridge associates. All associates are initially trained in proper techniques, approach, and care of persons with dementia.


4. Clare Bridge Behavioral Problem-Solving Program

There are established Alzheimer’s care protocols and techniques that enable associates to resolve challenging behaviors resulting from dementia-related issues. The dementia nursing care programs are based upon the philosophy that a whole-community approach is the key that empowers associates at all levels to identify the resident’s un-met needs and to be a part of a solution.

The Clare Bridge Program Promise, “ensuring daily moments of success,” is what we strive for each day for every one of our residents.