All of Our Patients' Needs are Important

Your loved one’s time in skilled nursing can be as much an emotional journey as it is a physical one. It’s normal for patients to feel anxious or frustrated during therapy or rehab. At Brookdale, we believe that caring for a patient’s emotional needs is crucial for the recovery process. Numerous studies have shown that stress can delay healing. So when we treat patients, we focus on the emotional needs as much as the physical, providing you with the best opportunity for success. 

Our staff is a pivotal part in how we do that. We provide experienced clinical teams who are sensitive to patient concerns and who focus on the psychological aspects of recovery and rehabilitation. Certain programs like our acclaimed Optimum Life program are designed specifically to provide opportunities to challenge the mind, live with purpose and nurture the heart. That way your stay at Brookdale is not only a recovery — it’s also an enriching experience designed around your interests.


Tackling Every Aspect of Health

A patient’s emotions can often be directly tied to the experience they are having at a senior living facility, which is why we provide programs and amenities designed to enrich a patient’s experience. Here are a few ways that that we help enhance our patients' experience:

  • Providing iPads and wifi at our facilities
  • Offering exciting classes on subjects like art and technology during non-therapy hours
  • Opportunities for patients to volunteer in the local community
  • Our Ageless Spirit program, which explores spirituality through meditation and other practices* 

If you’re seeking long-term care, Brookdale offers the knowledge and resources that come as the nation’s leading senior living provider. Our skilled nursing and transitional programs are located on campuses that offer other levels of care. This means you’ll have available to you a variety of care options in one trusted place, as well as Brookdale experienced professionals who can help you navigate the options and make decisions.

*Specific services may vary by community. Contact the community for details or availability. 


Preparing for the Journey

Learn more about skilled nursing and all the ways you can help your loved one during their recovery journey. Whether it's caring for their emotional well-being or helping them choose which facility is right for them, we hope you'll find the information you need here.