Dining Well While Healing

Brookdale believes great food is an important aspect of the rehabilitation and recovery process. An excellent meal nourishes physically and emotionally, providing pleasure, lifting the spirits and furthering social connections. 

Overseen by Brookdale’s national Culinary Arts Institute, our chefs are dedicated to providing wonderful cuisine to those in our skilled nursing programs. Each meal begins with fresh ingredients and is expertly seasoned and garnished to create wonderful flavor. 

We believe that working within an individual’s needs, it is always possible to create great taste. Emphasizing heart-healthy, low-sodium preparations, our cuisine is often flavored by our own line of Brookdale Signature Seasonings. Brookdale has also developed a line of “Guiltless Pleasure” desserts that comply with diabetic needs. We can fulfill special diets that are required by diagnosis or physician’s order, providing the same dedication to taste and visual appeal.

Is there a special family dish you’ve always loved? We invite people in our skilled nursing programs to provide their own recipes to our chefs to prepare, so you can enjoy the tastes of home during your stay.

Brookdale’s cuisine is a social experience, with meals served in courses in our beautifully-set dining rooms.* We encourage you to get to know and enjoy the company of others during your stay here.

*Specific services may vary by community. Contact the community for details.


Your Journey Back to Optimum Health

We're here to answer any questions you may have about your journey back to optimum health. We hope you find these resources useful as you learn more about Brookdale's skilled nursing programs.