Evaluate Your Medicare Coverage

It is important to keep your Medicare coverage up to date. As your medical and monetary needs change, so should your healthcare coverage. In addition to evaluating your immediate care needs, you also need to look towards any long-term care possibilities. Because your needs can change quickly, having the correct type of Medicare coverage can ensure that you will be covered in the event that you need to seek the services of a hospital or a skilled nursing facility.

Of course, the government recognizes that needs change. This is why Medicare includes an annual enrollment period. During this open enrollment period, seniors are encouraged to make changes to their existing Medicare coverage. To ensure maximum coverage, they should explore and research the advantages of each type of coverage: Medicare Parts A, B, C and D.*


Advice for the Enrollment Period

It is important to note that while your short-term or long-term care needs may not have changed, your Medicare Benefits may have changed. To ensure that all your needs are being met, carefully research the new Medicare policies before and during each open enrollment period.*

  • Ensure that your physicians and medications are still covered. It is common for changes in Medicare policies to affect these areas of your current coverage.
  • Calculate the costs of your medications. For seniors on a limited fixed income, changing costs in medication can be disastrous. Calculate your costs and make any necessary changes to your coverage.
  • Look into your long-term care plans. If there is a chance that you may require the services of a long-term medical care facility, such as a skilled nursing center, you will want to have adequate coverage. These facilities can be expensive, so you may want to explore any supplemental insurance options.
  • Examine all your benefits. Your insurance policy may include access to preventive health programs and counseling. Look for benefits that offer services like free wellness programs and smoking cessation programs.

* Information on this page is for general purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for financial, legal, tax, accounting or other professional advice. Call Brookdale for more specific information.