Tips To Help the Conversation Go Smoothly

Perhaps your family feels like your loved one would be safer and enjoy life more if they moved to a senior living community. You wouldn’t worry about whether your loved one is eating enough nutritious meals. You’d feel confident that your loved one could get help if there was an emergency. And your loved one would be free from potential hazards, like forgetting to turn off the stove. These are all great reasons why senior living is often a better option than living alone. 

But many seniors don’t fully realize the benefits of senior living and how it can provide a safer and more life-enriching environment. So how do you explain the benefits, and help them see why a move to senior living could be a very good and positive option? Here are some tips for talking to your loved one and helping them see everything they would gain by moving. 



Express Sympathy

Be sensitive and understanding toward your loved one’s feelings. They might’ve shared a life with a partner or raised kids in that home. Moving out and leaving behind those memories can be hard. You can help them through this time by being kind, sensitive and making the situation about your loved one. They will be able to move forward; it can just take some time.

Include Them in the Conversation

Don’t approach your loved one as though you’ve already made the decision for them. Bring up the topic of senior living as merely an option — one that could make life easier and more fun. Listen to their thoughts and feelings about the situation, and make them feel like they have a voice in the discussion. It’s also a good idea to have your loved one chat with a family friend or spiritual leader about senior living. Sometimes a third party can provide perspective and insight to the situation.

Be Honest about Your Safety Concerns

It’s okay to express concern and worry about your loved one living alone. Your loved one needs to know that you value their safety. Explain the potential hazards associated with living alone. Then explain that senior living ensures they will be able to get the necessary assistance, if there was ever an accident. 

Dispel the Myths of a Retirement Home

Many people who haven’t been inside of a modern senior living community think it’s just a dreary, boring retirement home. Your loved one may be thinking the same thing. Explain to them that modern senior living facilities are, in fact, true communities. They feature modern and luxurious residences in a community neighborhood setting. 

Then explain how your loved one will thrive better at a community: They don’t have the responsibility of keeping up a home. They’ll have expert staff available 24 hours a day in case they need medical help or other assistance. Your loved one will have choices of food and snacks with nutritional value and good quality. Perhaps most importantly, they will make new friends and have an abundance of activities to choose from.

Visit a Community

Offer to take your loved one on a tour of a Brookdale senior living community. Emphasize to your loved one that touring a community doesn’t mean they have to move. If they aren’t willing to take a tour, don’t push the matter. Look for opportunities in the future when it might be relevant to bring up senior living. 

When you go on a tour, let your loved one experience everything the community has to offer. Take your loved one to watch a group of seniors playing cards or Wii bowling. Show off the social aspects of the community. Show interest in how much privacy a resident has. Ask about bringing furniture from home and how much space there is. If you can see some rooms, visualize how your parent’s room(s) would look. Show excitement, as you would do if you were helping your parent move to a new apartment, because that’s what you are doing.