What Life is Like at Brookdale

At Brookdale we offer much more than a place to stay — we offer a place to live well. Our residents share some common values: to be recognized as individuals, to lead lives with a sense of purpose, and to maintain connections with people and interests that are meaningful to them. Because we’re passionate about enabling those values, we are constantly innovating new and better ways for enriching the lives of our senior living residents.

Choosing the right senior living community goes beyond price and location. Your loved one deserves to have a high quality of life. We believe you won’t find any place that does this better than Brookdale. Here you’ll find out about the lifestyle we provide for our residents and the lengths we go to ensure that it is top-notch.

Signature Programs

Because we’re the premiere provider of senior living in the country, we have a unique ability to care for our patients. We’ve developed our Signature Programs using countless lessons we’ve learned helping our valued residents across the country. Learn about Optimum Life, Ageless Spirit, and many more of our programs here. Read more >

A Day in the Life

We think the more you learn about your loved one’s life at Brookdale, the more comfortable you’ll be. Here we give you a look at how our programs, our caring staff, and our excellent communities all work together to give residents an exceptional quality of life.Read more >


You might be surprised how much our communities feel like home. From beauty and barbershops to cafes and chapels, the amenities featured at the Brookdale location you pick will give your loved one the qualify life that they’ve earned.Read more >

A Social Community

Meaningful relationships and high quality of life go hand-in-hand. That’s why we strive to create a thriving social community at each one of our locations. Here you’ll find info about how we’ll help your loved one build the kind of fulfilling friendships that lead to happy and healthy adults.Read more >

Brookdale Blog

At Brookdale, we pride ourselves on being on the cutting edge of senior care. We also love to talk about the ways that we engage with our seniors. On our blog you’ll find lots of great reads — from snapshots of health advice to a peek behind the curtain at what makes our company tick.Read more >