Brookdale Signature Programs

Signature Programs

Can you imagine waking up each day with the ability to invest in your spiritual, physical and emotional well-being? We have signature programs that let you do just that, so you don’t have to imagine it—you can live it right here on campus.

Whether you want to build your physical strength so you can spend more time playing with your grandchildren, stay mentally sharp so you can hold your own in those boisterous trivia competitions or feel emotionally fulfilled in your current season of life, our goal is to help you do that during your stay at one of our communities.

Living with Purpose

How to Find a New Purpose in Life

  • Purposeful ensures that you maintain a sense of identity that brings meaning to your life
  • Emotional so you’ll feel safe and secure, free to experience your full range of emotion
  • Physical offers options for exercise, nutritious food, and collaborative clinical approaches
  • Social so you will always have a sense of connectedness
  • Spiritual to lift your spirits in ways that matter and supply peace and joy
  • Intellectual helps you make choices that engage in all of your interests

Be Inspired

Check out our blog to read inspirational stories about people living their best life, gain valuable tips about how to improve your well-being, and more.


Here are some of the Brookdale-exclusive programs you'll find at our senior living communities.


Encompassing current research and guidelines for physical health, B-Fit is an exercise program that strives to help you feel stronger in no time. There are eight different class options, and each one provides a fresh, stimulating and social experience that makes physical fitness more fun than ever.

The Ageless Spirit

The Ageless Spirit is an award-winning program designed to help you express simple but powerful practices like kindness, gratitude and joy. Through celebrations of nature, social connection and aging, this is one program you won’t want to miss.

My Life Story

Each of our residents has a unique story that deserves to be honored. That’s why we created My Life Story, a storytelling program that allows you to share your perspective and wisdom with others while making friends and learning from their life stories along the way.

Brain Fit

There’s more to fitness than moving your body—exercising your mind is important too. Brain Fit helps you understand how to live a brain-healthy lifestyle and gives you opportunities to form new connections in your brain. Think of it as a fun, mental fitness workout with all your friends!

Rewiring Aging

In a fast-moving world of technology, it’s important to stay connected to those you love in your local neighborhood and around the world. This program helps you explore new interests, tackle new challenges and discover new skills through technology offerings like iPads, Apple TVs, computer labs, virtual reality and voice-assisted devices.

Optimum Life Health Talks

Optimum Life Health Talks provide you with an opportunity to pursue a life of learning. You can benefit from the expertise of our nurses and therapists as you learn more about a variety of topics related to health and wellness. But don’t think this is simply a lecture series. We use the latest research and solutions in a fun and interactive format.


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