Programs Offered Only By Brookdale

We know that every resident has unique dreams and passions that continue to grow throughout life. That is why we work to create a place that goes well beyond physical support — to a socially connected community with opportunities to challenge the mind, lift the spirits, revitalize purpose and nurture the heart.  

We blend the unique spirit of each community and its residents with our award-winning, evidence-based programs to provide a customized, integrated pallet of opportunities designed to support and empower the pursuit of living well. 

Optimum Life

You might call it living life to the fullest. We call it Optimum Life® — and we believe that everyone can live one — regardless of challenges that may come with age.

Optimum Life® isn’t just a program. It’s a philosophy of holistic well-being, encompassing six dimensions: Physical, emotional, purposeful, social, spiritual, and intellectual, that enlightens everything we do, from every meal we prepare to every lifelong passion that we help to make a reality. Read more >


Based on the understanding that the brain has an immense capacity for growth, regardless of age, Brookdale’s BrainFit program provides education and experiences designed to empower brain healthy living. Read more >

The Ageless Spirit

The Ageless Spirit is an award-winning program designed to support the spiritual dimension of Optimum Life®. This series of classes explores spiritual wellness and invites participants to experience six non-sectarian spiritual practices that contribute to overall well-being and meaningful aging.

Optimum Life Health Talks

In these educational opportunities, residents benefit from the expertise of Brookdale nurses and therapists to learn about health and wellness topics of interest. The latest research and updated solutions are presented and discussed in an interactive format.

My Life Story

My Life Story is a program designed to capture each resident’s amazing story for the purpose of leaving a legacy, engaging in the developmental process of life review, and connecting with fellow residents and Brookdale associates. Stories are captured through weekly opportunities for journaling, recording video, and/or group discussion.

Brookdale Fitness B-Fit

At the foundation of an Optimum Life is the ability to maximize functional abilities. Our Brookdale Fitness B-Fit exercise program is designed with that as the goal. This cutting edge program encompasses the latest research and guidelines for seniors to provide a fun, holistic and stimulating exercise experience.

Resident Technology

Technology solutions open up the world to our residents, providing opportunities to explore their interests, connect to family and friends, and be challenged with new learning. Current technology solutions include the use of iPads and Apple TVs for innovative resident programs, technology classes, internet cafes, and partnerships with vendors like InTouch by In2L, which is an innovative technology program designed for those with physical and cognitive limitations used in all Clare Bridge communities serving those with Alzheimer's and dementia.