Living with Purpose September 09, 2019

How One Man Started a New Career at 60-Years-Old

It's never too late to master a new craft. Jack Berglund is living proof.

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Living with Purpose August 30, 2019

For the Latest in Hobbies for Seniors, Bird is the Word

No matter your lifestyle, there is a level of birdwatching for every senior. Check out these tips to start birdwatching today!

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Living with Purpose August 16, 2019

Alspach Family: "Grandpa continues woodworking as family tradition"

The Alspach family celebrates its family values and closeness together through woodworking. David works at the same community where his grandfather lives. Together they continue the woodworking tradition.

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Living with Purpose July 20, 2019

Robert Santoni: "Singing Makes Me Feel Young Again."

Singing isn't just a past time for Robert. It's a way of life. Learn how Robert continues to spread joy long after his career in show business is over.

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Living with Purpose July 02, 2019

Betty Grenig: Living a Lifetime of Service

Betty Grenig has served the Red Cross for 80 years. She was recently honored for being the oldest and longest-serving volunteer in the history of the organization.

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