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Use the Prompting Technique With Loved Ones With Dementia

A technique known as prompting can help foster a more successful partnership with your loved one with dementia. It can also help you and your loved one communicate better and work together more smoothly.

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Worried About Mom's Health? How to Talk to the Family About It

If it’s been a while since you’ve seen a senior parent, it might surprise you to see changes in them that you haven’t noticed before. A scheduled meeting with a pre-approved agenda can help families gather their thoughts and concerns as well as offer solutions.

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Caregiver's Corner June 07, 2021

How to Get Involved in Your Loved One's Senior Living Community

Now that your loved one has moved into a senior living community, how do you, as a wife, husband, son or daughter, get involved yourself?

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Caregiver's Corner May 27, 2021

A Simple Way to Think About Caregiving Conversations

Guest blogger Sherri Snelling, corporate gerontologist, discusses how to have family conversations about long-term care and end-of-life decisions.

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Caregiver's Corner November 19, 2020

Navigating the Middle: When You Find Yourself Between Your Adult Children and Aging Parents

Who knew that getting older might actually mean being pulled in more directions than ever before? You may be needed not only by your adult children, but also by grandchildren and maybe even aging parents and relatives.

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