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Caregiver's Corner September 13, 2019

15 Years Later, They Still Work Together

These four Brookdale associates have worked together at Brookdale West Palm Beach for over fifteen years.

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Caregiver's Corner August 15, 2019

Arthur Washington: "I'm called to do this work"

Arthur Washington is the Health & Wellness Director at Brookdale Willowbrook. He said he's been called to do this work and be engaged with the people at Brookdale. Arthur wants to retire with Brookdale, continuing his career in nursing and impacting the daily lives of all of his residents and their families.

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Caregiver's Corner August 12, 2019

5 Self-Care Tips for Making the Most of Your Senior Visits

To truly enjoy time with your loved one, self-care is crucial. Here are a few tips for taking care of yourself before and after your visits.

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Caregiver's Corner August 01, 2019

The Sandwich Generation: How to Endure the Caregiver Squeeze

In 2014, Blair became a member of the sandwich generation — adults who care for children as well as older parents. Her father-in-law passed away suddenly from a heart attack, and soon after, Blair and her husband began caring for Jessica.

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Caregiver's Corner March 29, 2018

Negotiating Sibling Caregiving Relationships: Who Should Care For Mom?

A parent in need can bring a whole family together. But unfortunately, many families end up feeling divided by disagreements about how to care for an aging parent. Who is the best person to take care of Mom? How can a long-distance sibling help out? When, if at all, is the right time to consider moving her to a care facility?

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