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Five Tips to Help Ease Care Transitions for People With Dementia

Transitions can be difficult for people with dementia. Here are some recommendations on how to maintain person-centered care during care transitions.

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Rehabilitation For People Living With Dementia

In 2019, a new dementia-friendly skilled nursing and rehabilitation unit at Brookdale Overland Park near Kansas City opened its doors. It incorporates specific technology devices and specialized training for clinicians to deliver person-centered, skilled nursing care and rehabilitation to patients with dementia.

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Brookdale Solutions October 06, 2020

Happy Customer Experience Day

Each year on the first Tuesday in October, customer experience professionals around the world celebrate #CXDay and recognize the people and companies that make great customer experiences happen. At Brookdale, our associates continue to enrich the lives of the people we serve even as they adjust to rapidly changing conditions brought on by the pandemic.

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Brookdale Solutions September 29, 2020

Medical Ethics at the End of Life

Caring for a terminally ill patient at the end of life is one of the most difficult and complex challenges families and health care providers will face. It often poses a number of gut-wrenching questions for which there simply aren’t easy answers.

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Brookdale Solutions, COVID-19 September 28, 2020

How Brookdale Is Responding to Double-Punch Flu Season

With the COVID-19 pandemic still a serious ongoing health issue, the approaching flu season will present some heightened challenges. Health experts are calling it a potential double-punch, in which individuals who fail to get a flu shot may find themselves battling both the flu and COVID-19.

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