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Alzheimer’s Research Trends and Updates

Experts are optimistic about the prospects for a real breakthrough in the treatment and prevention of Alzheimer’s. And as they dig deeper into the underlying causes of dementia, they are identifying clearer connections between lifestyle and behavior modification that significantly reduce the risk of being impacted by dementia.

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Reflections on Silver Linings

Considering the positives in a pandemic is counterintuitive at best, but there truly are things to share that are worthy of discussion.

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Creating a Welcoming Community for LGBT Seniors

In recognition of Pride Month, our June edition of Brookdale’s Optimum Life Continuing Education series focuses on LGBT seniors and the best practices that organizations may embrace to fully meet their needs.

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Are You Ageist? The Answer May Surprise You

May is National Older Americans Month, a time to honor the contributions of American seniors. In honor of our nation’s seniors, this month I am asking you to look within yourself and ask the question “Am I Ageist?” The answer might surprise you.

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Combatting the "Old Folks' Home" Stereotype

In a recent op-ed for The Los Angeles Times author Barry Goldman wrote that he’d “rather be dead than linger on in an old folk’s home.” It’s a sad thought, but we recognize it’s a thought many people share.

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