You're In the Right Place

Our goal at Brookdale is to assist each family during their search for senior living — no matter what stage of the process they are in. Whether you’re just starting the search or you’ve already visited what feels like a million communities, you’ll find what you need in this section to make a thoughtful, well-informed decision about senior living.

Making an important decision, such as this, takes time. But it is possible to make the right one for your family. You don’t have to do it alone though. At Brookdale, we are here to serve you. Our associates help families in the same situation every day. They can answer any questions, talk through any concerns, and provide a listening ear. Often, the hardest part of the process is just getting started, and you’ve already accomplished that. Now we’re just here to help you through the next few steps.

Starting the Journey

When you begin learning about senior living, you’ll have tons of questions. Starting the Journey can provide helpful overview information and lay the foundation towards your understanding about senior living. It will also help you determine if this is the right path for you. Read more >

Understanding Your Senior Living Needs

Sometimes it can feel like there are almost too many senior living options out there. How are you supposed to know what type of care your loved one needs? Is it Assisted Living or Independent Living? If that sounds familiar, here’s where you’ll find the answers. Read more >

Financial Considerations for Senior Living

You shouldn’t have to choose between great care and affordable care. Fortunately, with Brookdale you don’t. We have a wide range of options to help, from payment plans to personalized advice from one of our Senior Living Advisors. You’ll also find cost information here to help you plan for your loved one’s future. Read more >

Finding the Right Senior Living Fit

Many of our residents find a huge sense of relief when they finally decide to embrace senior living. In fact, many of them wish they’d done it sooner! If you’re on the fence whether senior living (or Brookdale) is right for you, Finding the Right Fit can help put your mind at ease. Read more >

Having the Conversation About Senior Living

Perhaps you are totally on board with the idea of senior living, but your loved one still has some concerns. Having the Conversation provides resources to help you understand what your loved one is going through, and gives advice on how to best have the conversation with them. Read more >

Making the Transition to a Senior Living Community

At Brookdale, we don’t wait until after our residents move in to start caring for them. We want the transition to senior living to be as smooth as possible for your loved one. Here you’ll find a video and great info on how to help make that happen. Read more >