Next Steps After the Conversation

After the conversation is over, you might have started feeling relief. And if so, that’s a great step. But the journey isn’t quite over, because there are still a few things to do before you start boxing up the belongings and filling out a change of address cards. The good news is that if you’re this far along in the process, you’re making some serious progress!


What Happens Next?

You did your homework, had the conversation and things seemed to go well… but what happens now? Everyone’s situation is unique, but the following list is helpful no matter where you, or someone you love, are in the process.




Dealing with the Guilt

It’s not uncommon for children, family members, friends and caregivers to feel sad, stressed or guilty when someone they love moves into a senior living community. It can almost feel like watching your child drive away to college or across the country to start a new life.

These mixed emotions are normal, and it’s not unusual to find yourself feeling guilty for suggesting (or agreeing with) the decision to move into a community. If you need a little guidance on how to handle this rollercoaster of emotions, here are a few tips:

Find the right senior living community.
If you know your mom or dad are moving to a community where they will feel safe and engaged, you’ll feel more at peace with the decision.

Spend some time in therapy.
It’s perfectly normal to wrestle with feelings like guilt and stress in a time of upheaval, and sometimes having a third party to talk to can help you through the transition.

Help your parent settle in.
Sometimes stress arises when we don’t know enough information, which is why helping your mom or dad settle into their new home can give you confidence that they’re safe, sound and in the right place. Consider bringing them a family memento or keepsake to make their new place feel just like home sweet home.

Make plans to visit regularly.
Just because your parent is moving into a senior living community doesn’t mean you need to spend less time together. Make plans to visit often, and remember that your loved one will probably be just as relieved as you are when they settle in to their new home base.


Find a Brookdale Community Near You
Find a Brookdale Community Near You
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