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Dementia and Friendships: 4 Tips for Maintaining a Relationship

A person living with dementia is still your friend. They're the same person you’ve shared laughs and experiences with. Now that they have a dementia diagnosis you might hear them repeat a story, or forget a detail, and it might be harder for them to focus in certain situations, but you can still enjoy spending time with them.

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Five Tips for Connecting with Someone Living with Dementia

If you’re visiting or reconnecting with a friend or loved one who is living with dementia, you may face some communication challenges. But don’t let that keep you from connecting.

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Four Tips for Combatting Loneliness in Older Adults

If you think a family member, friend, patient or resident is having feelings of loneliness, here are four tips for easing those feelings.

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Socialization & Relationships February 28, 2019

Meet Brookdale's Fab Five Friends

Friendship makes life fabulous at Brookdale Galleria.

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