5 Fun Homeschool Projects to Help Grandparents and Kids Connect

Read a Book Together

Sharpen your kids’ reading skills and get quality time with the grandparents by having them call or FaceTime for story time.

Depending on your child’s education level, have them read a short storybook over the phone. If your child is older, they can call regularly to read chapters of a novel together. Better yet, have kids write their own stories to read out loud and give grandparents something to brag about! And if grandparents happen to have storybooks on hand, they can read to the kids as well.


Make a Movie

If Grandma or Grandpa misses seeing the kids in person, this project will be fun for everyone. Have the kids film a short, 10- to 15-minute movie that they can share.

Depending on your child’s education level, this process can be done independently or with a parent’s help — and how simple or complex your film turns out is up to you. For younger children, this could be as easy as filming a “Day in the Life,” recording activities throughout the day for grandparents to enjoy. Meanwhile, older children may have fun writing a script, making costumes, directing and even editing footage on the computer.

For easy viewing, upload your creation to YouTube and send grandparents a link.


Learn about History

In this assignment, grandparents get to take the spotlight and share their memories and wisdom. Have kids write down some interview questions to ask Grandma or Grandpa about what life was like when they were a kid. Did they go to school? What was the classroom like? Did they do household chores? How were those chores different than today? What games did they play when they were kids? Were there any historical events happening? What was it like to live through them?

After interviewing grandparents over the phone or through FaceTime, have kids write a report about what they learned, draw a picture showing how they imagine the past or do further research on a historical event or time.


FaceTime for Arts and Crafts

Odds are, your kids are already doing some painting, drawing, popsicle-sticking or other arts and crafts while they’re at home. If grandparents are able to use FaceTime, this can be a great time to make them feel included in the fun!

Simply set up your phone or computer so that kids can make and show off their artwork to Grandma or Grandpa. Best of all, grandparents can get creative, too! Even without crafting materials, all they need is a piece of paper and a pen or pencil to draw some pictures with the grandkids.


Send Some Snail Mail

What’s more exciting than opening the mailbox to find a hand-written note from someone you love?

Have the kids exercise their writing skills by penning a letter to their grandparent about all the exciting things they’ve been up to. If your children aren’t yet of writing age, have them draw pictures or make a card. Don’t forget to decorate the outside of the envelope with stickers and artwork for an extra-special delivery that will make a grandparent’s day.


Stay In Touch

Whether you try out one of these homeschooling projects or simply pick up the phone and make a call, it’s the thought that counts. Keep in touch with the seniors you love with regular phone calls, emails or text messages. During this time, it’s more important than ever.


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