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Living with Purpose December 01, 2019

7 Creative Ways for Seniors to Give Back This Holiday Season

There’s only one thing better than holiday cheer, and that’s spreading the joy to others.

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Living with Purpose November 30, 2019

Patricia and Rita: "A Market Right Here at Home"

Brookdale is all about community, and residents can always count on each other for a little pick-me-up. Take Patricia Clark and Rita Ldesrosiers, for example.

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Living with Purpose November 25, 2019

Holiday Season Visits: Seven Activities You Can Do with Loved Ones

The holidays are coming up, and your loved one will be looking forward to frequent visits. And there’s an unspoken rule that holiday visits have to be extra special, so let’s dive into a few easy ways you can spread that holiday cheer, make some memories and create the most enjoyable experience possible.

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Living with Purpose November 07, 2019

Reene Murrell: "Entertaining with Flavor"

Reene is a dining services manager who is always serving up food with a side of entertainment.

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Living with Purpose October 29, 2019

Cherry Garmannsland: "Home Full of Friends Helps Face Parkinson's with a Smile"

How surrounding herself with friends has helped Cherry cope with her Parkinson's diagnosis.

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