My Loved One

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Family members seek out senior living for a loved one for a variety of reasons, but the motivation is still the same — they care. We can relate, because we’ve been caring for seniors for almost 40 years now.

In all that time, we’ve learned that many of the sons and daughters of seniors who seek us out find some of the same benefits at Brookdale:

  • A safe environment no matter your loved one’s needed level of care
  • Staff that cares about our residents enough to know what kind of ice cream toppings they prefer, or who their favorite basketball player is, or how they take their tea in the afternoons
  • Individualized care and payment plans based on your loved one’s specific needs and financial situation
  • The kind of quality of life that our residents have always wished for

But you don’t need to make the decision right now. You’re only looking after all, and researching means when the time is right, you’ll be more prepared.

We also know that choosing a community can seem like picking a needle out of a stack of needles — how do you choose? What questions should you be asking? That’s where we can help. Here are a few great places to start:

Where to Begin

If this is your first look at senior living, or you’re still weighing stay-at-home vs. community-style living, this is probably the next step for you. You’ll find a launching point towards all the basic information you need to feel comfortable making an informed decision. Read more >

Our Services

This is where we break down the nuts and bolts of the wide range of services that we offer. We’ll walk you through each level of care from independent living to memory care, breaking down what each one offers and how your loved one will thrive in each. Read more >

Brookdale Life

We’re extremely proud of the communities we’ve built and the people who call Brookdale home. Here you’ll get an inside look at why. You’ll see what makes us tick, from A Day in the Life of a typical community resident to a blog where we share our passion for giving seniors the kind of life they’ve been waiting for. Read more >

Find a Community

Whether you’re ready to take the next step towards providing your loved one with the rewarding life they deserve, or you just want to see for yourself what senior living communities are nearby, check out our location map to find communities closest to you. Read more >