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How to Complete an Invite to Join the CSP

After confirming your name and email address someone from Brookdale Senior Living will invite you to join the CSP. This guide highlights the steps you must take to complete the invite process.


1. Brookdale will initiate an invite and you will receive an email from “Coupa Supplier Portal” (do_not_reply@supplier.coupahost.com). Click on the custom link found at the bottom of the email to begin the process.

2. The link will take you directly to the registration page of the Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP). Set and confirm a password and accept the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use before clicking the “Submit” button. If you are not the right person to register, you can forward this invite to another person in your organization.

3. You can take a tour of the CSP or take it later.  For now, click the “Close” button.

4. You can also enable text messaging of POs and Invoice Payments or status changes. For now, click the “Dismiss” button.

5. Once registered and logged into the CSP, the Options Bar at the top gives you multiple tabs to view within the portal.  The important tabs are explained below.

Home: CSP Home Page
Profile: Manage your Public and Brookdale profiles
Orders: Flip Purchase Orders (POs) into invoices and monitor purchases
Invoices: Create and monitor invoices (including payment information)
Catalogs: Create, modify, and maintain catalogs and items
Admin: Invite other company users to your CSP account, set up Remit To address, and other administrative tasks

6. Basic business information is required when sending invoices via the CSP. (Note: Payment is NOT issued via the CSP; it is only utilized for invoice submission. Your payments will be made as currently established with our Accounts Payable department.) Click on the Admin tab.

7. On the Admin tab click the “E-Invoicing Setup” link.

8. Click the “Add Legal Entity” button.

9. Enter in your business name and the country where it is located, then click the “Continue” button to proceed.

10. Fill in your Address Line 1, City, State, and Postal Code. Check the “Use this address for Remit-To” box. Check the Ship From address box as applicable. Click the “Done” button when complete.

11. Congratulations! Your initial setup is complete. Click the “Return to Admin” button.

12. Click the “Home“ button to go to the CSP Home page.