Senior Living Consultants

Brookdale’s Senior Living Consultants

Your Resource for Senior Care and Living Solutions

Trying to determine if your aging loved one needs more assistance than you can provide is an extremely difficult and emotional decision. As we grow older, changes in our abilities are often gradual and subtle, so it can be hard to know when it’s time to seek additional help.

Senior Living Consultants Working for Families
Brookdale’s Senior Living Consultants are an experienced team of caring and compassionate individuals who understand senior care and senior living and whose primary focus is to represent the needs of each family seeking answers and resources.

Experts to Guide You Through Your Options
At Brookdale, we realize that navigating the wide variety of senior care options can sometimes be daunting or confusing. The Senior Living Consultants are dedicated to taking the necessary time to listen and understand each family’s specific care, living and lifestyle requirements. Based on that information, they will provide an array of resources and information to help with families with these difficult and important decisions. With more than 1,100 communities from coast to coast, Brookdale has a wide range of community locations, living environments and care services from which to choose.

Getting Seniors Safely Somewhere
The main goal of our Senior Living Consultants is to ensure that seniors find a home where they can be happy, safe and engaged in life, regardless of whether it is at an Brookdale community or not. If a family’s circumstances are such that they will be better off in a situation that Brookdale isn’t able to accommodate, the Senior Living Consultants will say so and provide the information necessary to ensure that the senior’s care needs are met.

How To Reach a Senior Living Consultant
You may also call them directly at 855-350-3800