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The Journey to Senior Living October 13, 2021

Help Senior Patients Find Stability Amidst Changing Health Needs

Patients don’t want to move. You don’t want them to, either. But there’s a way for patients to try to age in one place. It starts with finding a home that supports the stages of their health—from the beginning.

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How to Foster Community Among Your Senior Patients

True community is more than activities on a calendar. You can help your patients find friendship at Brookdale.

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The Journey to Senior Living September 29, 2021

Help Your Patients See the Value in Personalized Assisted Living Care

Brookdale works with clinicians like you to provide personalized care to your senior patients.

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Alzheimer's & Dementia September 14, 2021

Specialized Dementia Care Settings

In this issues brief, dementia expert Juliet Holt Klinger, Brookdale’s Senior Director of Dementia Care, urges healthcare providers from primary care physicians to emergency room departments, to ask themselves, “are we dementia-friendly?”

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What Does It Mean to Live Life Well?

What does it mean to live life well? It’s a question many people ask throughout their life. At Brookdale we try to help our residents craft their own answers by encouraging them to focus on six dimensions of continuous growth: physical, emotional, social, purposeful, spiritual and intellectual.

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