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Helping Caregivers Transition to Advocates

It can be difficult to make the mental transition from “caregiver” to “advocate.” The end goal, however, is the same: ensuring that your patient or their loved one is getting the best care possible.

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COVID-19 June 28, 2021

An Expanded View of Safety Post-COVID-19

We are seeing signs of recovery following the global pandemic, after having spent more than a year focused on safety protocols related to COVID-19. So this summer, in addition to all the summer safety tips, there are some other safety topics that deserve heightened focus.

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Senior Care June 14, 2021

Caring for Your Patients with Chronic Conditions

Our approach to managing chronic conditions helps educate, empower and support residents while maintaining an overall focus on wellness.

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COVID-19 May 21, 2021

Between Depression and Wellness: Languish

As the United States transitions into a COVID-19 recovery phase, experts are now finding that individuals are often moving from an acute state of anguish to a chronic condition of languish.

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Senior Care January 25, 2021

Did You Know About These Medicare Options?

Changes to Medicare may mean a 10-day respite stay with Brookdale’s Bridge Care Transitions, traditionally only available as a private-pay option, may now be covered under your patients’ Medicare Advantage plan.

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