Between Depression and Wellness: Languish

What is languish? As defined by sociologist Corey Keyes, it is “the neglected middle child of mental health. It’s the void between depression and flourishing — the absence of well-being.”

We recognize that the toll of the COVID-19 pandemic will last far beyond outbreaks and physical symptoms. We’re equipped to work with healthcare partners and families for the long haul to find solutions that meet the needs of seniors, and we’re focused on providing an environment that may be able to provide an antidote to languishing. We can work with your patients to provide:

●      A sense of momentum and of making progress

●      Encouragement to accomplish goals

●      Activities that facilitate connection and engagement

And we don’t stop there. Our clinical and engagement programs focus on holistic wellness and are grounded in our population health approach. We provide encouragement for and facilitate access to preventative care, and our trained staff can help manage chronic conditions to try to avoid unnecessary hospitalizations. Our clinical approaches and programs include medication management, strengthened through our partnerships with preferred pharmacies, a focus on chronic condition management, implementing physician prescribed diets, and working with home health and outpatient therapists.

Our personalized approach to care pairs clinical programs and approaches with resident engagement programming, which has a focus on six dimensions of well-being — intellectual, purposeful, social, physical, spiritual and emotional.

No matter where your patients are in the spectrum between depression and wellness, we remain dedicated to providing high-level care and offering seniors fuller, more enriched lives as we continue to navigate through every stage of pandemic recovery.

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