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For over 30 years, Brookdale’s national team of experts have cared for thousands of individuals diagnosed with dementia. We stay informed on the latest research and couple these findings with our long-standing person-centered approach to enhance the health and well-being of those in our care. This is why referring patients to Brookdale’s person-centered memory care can help them at any stage of dementia.

Experts in Dementia and Alzheimer's Care

At Brookdale, our goal is to help residents throughout their journey with dementia. With decades of experience in memory care, our team can coordinate with physicians and providers, helping to reduce unnecessary hospitalizations and unwanted transfers. Our staff members receive initial and ongoing training on dementia care, resulting in consistent standard of care protocols across all our memory care communities, known as Brookdale Clare Bridges. With Clare Bridge locations throughout the country, we provide purpose-built environments designed to help maintain cognitive abilities, cultivate fulfilling relationships, and offer emotional support and secure environments.

Our Clare Bridge program includes:

  • Close relationships with the resident’s family and attending physician
  • Individualized care plans based upon the patient’s stage of dementia or Alzheimer’s
  • Frequent evolution of strengths-based programming incorporating the latest Alzheimer’s and dementia research
  • Staff members trained to help problem solve complex issues related to behavioral symptomsehavioral symptoms, thereby helping to reduce unnecessary hospitalizations and unwanted transfers
Brookdale Memory Care By the Numbers
Family of Residents

Brookdale has the ability to serve 60,000 residents, celebrating and cherishing each senior like one of the family.

Location Choices

Brookdale offers more choice in senior living and care with 675+ communities to select from.

Years Experience

We’ve invested years helping our residents age well, covering their diverse needs across the care continuum.

Connected Care

Our residents enjoy the benefits of Brookdale’s national network across 41 states in their own communities.

Memory Care Services
Consistent Care Assignments Whenever Possible
Consistent Care Assignments Whenever Possible

Engaging Environments
Engaging Environments

Home-like Rooms
Home-like Rooms

Dining Assistance
Dining Assistance

Memory Care Techniques & Community Features
We’ve designed Brookdale memory care communities to support the transitional steps from diagnosis to later stages of dementia — whether your patient is experiencing early, mid- or late-stage Alzheimer’s or dementia. Our expertise in specialized dementia care settings means that you can feel confident in our care.

  • The Clare Bridge® Daily Path guides residents with a structured routine of activities to help them maintain cognitive abilities and current skills for daily success.
  • The Solace Program provides residents in advanced stages of dementia with additional services designed to engage sensory awareness and focus on comfort and joy.
  • The Crossings Program offers a full continuum of dementia care for residents with early to moderate stages of dementia.
  • Optimum Life® engages residents in the six dimensions of wellness, including physical, emotional, purposeful, social, spiritual and intellectual to help them live life to the fullest.
  • Consistent care assignments of caregivers (when possible) available around the clock for resident support.
  • Revolutionary dining program that features dementia-friendly menus, scented warm hand towels and individual dining assistance.

  • A secure environment with features like keypad entry, emergency alert systems, secure outdoor walking areas, wayfinding cues, easy-to-navigate floor plans, contrasting colors and amber night lights.
  • Specialized programs that are tailored to each stage of Alzheimer’s and dementia to help maintain and/or improve your patient’s overall well-being
  • Opportunities for engagement in a specifically designed environment such as gardening, kitchen work, handyman help, and other pursuits that provide purposeful, meaningful, and successful moments
  • Nurturing and calming atmosphere where residents can feel known and taken care of
  • Activities for cognitive engagement developed using proven methods based on the latest research
  • Open communication regarding patient’s health
  • Individually customized care plans

When the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) determined that anti-psychotic medications should not be prescribed for dementia-related behavioral expressions, we were already out ahead of this finding with our Clare Bridge Seven-Step Behavioral Problem-Solving Process.

  • In 2002, we created a training resource called the "Clare Bridge Chat Room," a company-wide monthly conference call, where we discuss an actual behavioral problem-solving case and brainstorm ideas for non-pharmacological interventions.
  • In a model very similar to Project ECHO used in medicine to educate physicians, we blazed a new trail in experiential, peer-based dementia care education.* We still hold the monthly Chat Room call nearly 20 years later, addressing common but challenging situ­ations with person-centered, non-pharmacological approaches.
  • In 2004, we developed the Survey of Discomfort in Dementia tool for our clinicians to measure discomfort, rule out biological causes for behavior changes and to help promote person-centered care practices.
  • To further our person-centered practices, we developed a comprehensive prob­lem-solving process in 2005.
  • In 2006, we made the consistent assignment of care associates a standard in all our Clare Bridge communities. This means that whenever possible, the same care asso­ciates are assigned to the same resident to build relationships based on trust and loving concern.
  • Our care associates also focus on getting to know our residents' histories, routines and preferences to help create a sense of stability and comfort that they are well­-known where they live.



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