Home Visit Consultation

Our Complimentary Home Visit Consultation Program

Brookdale Senior Living communities are committed to making sure that local seniors in need find the combination of programs and services that serve them best, even if it is not with us. We recognize that some seniors may want to live at home as long as they can. We also know that these seniors and their families may need someone to talk to about the challenges they face living at home, and about identifying their support service options.

Brookdale home visit consultation services, in select communities, may include:

  • Safety check
  • Well-being Check
  • Access to Brookdale resources
  • A listening ear and enjoyable social visit
  • Recommendations or referrals to needed services or resources
  • Communication and coordination with families and community resources


Support system check up:

Identifying potential challenges of living at home

  • Uncovering home or care needs not currently being met
  • Referrals to other local senior providers if needed
  • Post hospital or nursing home discharge follow-up coordination with families and referral sources after visit

We Want to Help

Family members can arrange for a senior living professional to visit the home of an elderly loved one to see if he or she is doing well, physically and psychologically. We then make sure to connect the senior and family with the proper resources and services to provide assistance.

You don’t have to live with us, in order for us to help

We encourage families to take advantage of our Home Visit Consultation Program. Contact your local Brookdale Senior Living community to request a visit to your elderly loved one. A listing of all Brookdale locations can be found by searching for a community near at  www.Brookdale.com/find-a-community.