Respite Care

Think of respite care as a support system for family caregivers. Respite care services give you the flexibility of choosing short-term or temporary care so you can take time away from your caregiving responsibilities. Maybe you have to travel for business or you’re taking a vacation. Or you might have errands to run or you just need to rest. Go ahead and take that much-deserved break.

While your loved one could go to a senior living community for a short-term respite stay, Brookdale at Home® brings the care to you in the comfort of your family member's own home. Respite care at home is convenient. Your loved one doesn’t have to adjust to a new environment. Instead, they can stay settled in a familiar and cozy space—at home.


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Find Locations Near You

About our caregivers

Kind, friendly and dependable—that’s what you can expect from our caregivers. Our clients are like family to us, and we only want the best for our family. That’s why we have standards for screening and training staff so you can rely on our caregivers for the services they provide.