How Do You Find The Right Assisted Living Community?

There are a lot of factors to consider when you begin your search for the best assisted living community, you need to have a plan. Take time to weigh which services and amenities are the most important. Perhaps you're looking to live in a particular location, close to family. Or maybe the community needs to be pet-friendly so Fido can join you on your next great adventure.

Whatever the details might be, knowing what the top items are on your wish list will help you narrow down your list of communities to visit in person. After all, it would be difficult to choose a new home if you only saw it online or in a brochure.

But we think that once you meet our team, experience our home-like atmosphere, and see how much our residents enjoy life in their communities, you will be ready for your next senior living adventure in no time.

Why Brookdale?
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Family of Residents

We’re more than a group of seniors and caregivers. We’re a family. Our residents are the heart and soul of our communities.

Community Choices

With more than 675 communities spanning 41 states across the country, you can choose the one that feels most like home.

Years of Experience

You can have peace of mind knowing we have decades of experience helping seniors enjoy retirement to the fullest.

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As the largest senior living provider, we can offer you the full continuum of care experience.

Top Things to Consider When Looking at Assisted Living Communities

Choosing the right assisted living community for you or your loved one is a big decision. There are a lot of factors to consider, and it can sometimes feel a little overwhelming.

That’s why it’s important to start by making a list of your top priorities. Think about things like the specific needs of your loved one, community amenities and your budget.

Once you know what your non-negotiables are, you can start narrowing down your options, scheduling tours and comparing your options. To help you with your search, we’ve created a short list of things to think through as you research and tour different assisted living communities.





Researching floorplans

A Step-By-Step Guide to Finding the Right Assisted Living Community

The decision to move to an assisted living community can be a little overwhelming, but having a plan and knowing what steps to take can make it easier for everyone involved. 

  1. Choose A Location
    When you decide you are ready to make the move to an assisted living community, the first step is deciding what geographical location makes the most sense. Perhaps you want to stay in the area where you are now, or maybe you want to consider a city that has always been on your bucket list.

    No matter where you want to plant your roots, the first step in narrowing down your list of prospective communities is by nailing down a specific location.

    Find a Community

  2. Visit a Community
    You wouldn’t buy a new home without touring it first, so why would you move into an assisted living community without seeing it in person?

    Choosing an assisted living community really shouldn’t be done online or over the phone. You want to visit and compare a few places before making a final decision. Plus when you are visiting the communities on your list, you can see all of the amenities in person before deciding which place is right for you. 

    Schedule a visit today by calling 855-350-3800

  3. Prepare For Your Move
    Once you’ve decided where you want to live, it’s time to start preparing for the big day. There’s a lot to do, but don’t worry. We’ve helped thousands of seniors move into communities all across the country, so we know the best place to start is with a good old-fashioned checklist. We even put together a blog post with all the information you need to make moving day easier than ever!

    Your Checklist for a Better Move to Senior Living

  4. Embrace Your New Senior Living Lifestyle
    It may take some time to adjust to your new surroundings. But with an apartment decorated to feel like home, social activities that encourage you to embrace your passions and make new friends and all kinds of wonderful amenities just steps away from your front door, we know you will settle into a new routine in no time. 

    Not sure what to expect? Check out what life is like at one of our assisted living communities.

Find The Right Assisted Living Community
Find The Right Assisted Living Community
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