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Betty Ago: Hair

Betty Ago April 29, 2016

Back in the previous century, when we were young and just married, my husband confided that he dreaded going to the barbershop. As a child, he felt intimidated by the ... Read more

Bernie Block: More Decisions Made During My Lifetime

Bernie Block April 27, 2016

In 1942 when I graduated high school the United States was at war with Germany and Japan. I was waiting to be called up in the draft process that was ... Read more

Betty Ago: Columbo

Betty Ago April 22, 2016

My previous blog concluded with a note that I would talk about the TV program “Columbo” starring Peter Falk. I loved watching the detective series. The subtle way in ... Read more

Bernie Block: Decisions

Bernie Block April 20, 2016

HELLO. I’ve been invited by Brookdale to contribute a weekly Wednesday column on subjects this company’s seniors might like. I decided to tell you about the major decisions I had ... Read more

Betty Ago: Solutions

Betty Ago April 15, 2016

Have you noticed how much easier it is to solve the problems of others rather than one’s own? The people that have the best problem solving skills ... Read more

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