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Threats - How Do We Know What's Credible?

Betty Ago March 25, 2016

Don’t walk under a ladder — it will bring bad luck. Oh dear! A black cat just crossed my path. We joke about these superstitions now, but at one time, ... Read more

z_Redirect_Decom_01122018_Choosing Happiness

Carol Cummings, BSN, RN March 21, 2016

The vernal equinox took place this past Sunday. It is a moment in time that marks a change — a “tipping point” if you will — that means things are ... Read more


Betty Ago March 18, 2016

Telephones used to be black and heavy. In fact, I think that there must have been at least one murder mystery in which a telephone receiver was the blunt instrument ... Read more


Betty Ago March 11, 2016

It all started when my electric toothbrush ground to a halt with a disturbing noise and I went shopping for a new one. “Blue” was everywhere. What does “Blue” ... Read more

Future Puppies

Betty Ago March 04, 2016

I’m thinking about getting a puppy and naming him “Usta.” Since I am out walking everyday anyway, this should work out just fine. The only problem I can contemplate is ... Read more

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