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Aging is Where It's At

Andrew Smith January 30, 2017

Aging is going mainstream. For far too long seniors were the subject of dismal stereotypes, but I believe they are starting to be seen in a new way. In large part, this is due to their growing presence. The baby-boomers are moving into retirement and... Read more

Billy and Tilly

Virginia Wylie January 28, 2017

Billy awakened early with a plan Out of his dark den he popped and ran To a burrow where a tree trunk stood.      “Tilly, wake up now as you should  Today folks watch shadows that we cast   They want to know if Winter at last is past.” Tho Billy glad... Read more


Betty Ago January 27, 2017

PWOLOCS is an organization to which I have belonged for a very long time. Never heard of us?  We are the “People Who Love Crazy Socks”. Since I am prone to joining various groups, I will also confess to being a devoted member of “FTHGTTG”- known by i... Read more

Every Minute Counts and Every Person Counts

Juliet Holt Klinger January 26, 2017

Maybe I have been watching too much news lately, but recently it seems that most discussions boil down to a far too simplistic view of any given issue. It is either right or wrong, good or bad, healthy or unhealthy — it seems we can never consider a ... Read more

What's An Ombudsman?

Bernie Block January 25, 2017

I've heard the term often during my journalistic career at our Resident Council meetings, especially when residents need help against management.  According to copy from the Internet's "Wikipedia," an OMBUDSMAN is a public advocate appointed by the g... Read more

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