Living with Purpose January 13, 2018

Protecting Dr. Martin Luther King from Death Threat was Most Meaningful Moment of My Life

Linking arms with five other men to surround Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Leon Riley helped protect the civil rights leader from a death threat by rushing him from an outdoor stage in Montgomery, Ala. to a nearby church. Fifty-three years later, that dash and the march from Selma preceding it remain among the most meaningful events of Riley’s life.

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Health & Wellness January 10, 2018

Fearless Falling: Tips for Learning to Fall Safely

We’ve all experienced the horror and embarrassment of a nasty fall. Steps, pets, and our own two feet can get the better of us when it comes to walking. Luckily, most falls don’t cause injury but that can change as we age.

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Seven Smart New Year's Resolutions for Seniors

The new year is a new opportunity to refocus on your goals. As an older adult, you have a lot that could make your resolution list. From health and wellness to family to-do's, making goals and sticking to them will help support a bright future. Here are seven resolutions that could make a big impact in 2018.

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