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Alzheimer's & Dementia September 26, 2019

Uncovering the Mysteries of Dementia

Dementia is complex and often misunderstood. Read on to uncover the mysteries of dementia.

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Caregiver's Corner September 22, 2019

Speaking the Language of Senior Care

Check out some commonly used senior care terms explained.

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Financing Your Future September 19, 2019

Tips for Difficult Discussions About Your Parents’ Senior Years

Check out some tips for talking to your parents about money, health, and estate planning. For starters, avoid rushing into the conversation or catching your parents off guard.

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Health & Wellness September 17, 2019

Tips for Falling Down More Safely

Read on for a few tips on how to land more safely and even potentially avoid falls in the first place.

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Caregiver's Corner September 13, 2019

15 Years Later, They Still Work Together

These four Brookdale associates have worked together at Brookdale West Palm Beach for over fifteen years.

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