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The Journey to Senior Living December 28, 2022

Upgrade Your Winter Wardrobe While Saving Closet Space

Our winter clothes are often the bulkiest pieces we own and they can be as dreary as the weather. Revamp your style this season while saving space at the same time with these tips.

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Passion & Purpose December 19, 2022

Meet the Resident and Her Daughter Making Beautiful Music at Brookdale

For many music lovers, choral concerts and caroling parties are a highlight of the holiday season. This year at Brookdale Hillsborough in New Jersey, mother-daughter duo Suzanne and Deborah are bringing some of that magic to the community.

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How to Use Social Media to Stay Healthier This Year

There are so many ways digital and social media have impacted our lives — including fitness! Here's how some of the most popular social media networks can help you with workouts, healthy cooking and more.

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Alzheimer's & Dementia December 08, 2022

Alzheimer’s: Hope on the Horizon

As part of our webinar series, we invited Heather M. Snyder, Ph.D., vice president of Medical and Scientific Relations for the Alzheimer’s Association, to give us the run-down on how recent research and advancements in the field may bring hope to patients and families.

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Health, Safety and Wellness December 06, 2022

Home Safety Tips for Seniors

For seniors, safety in the home should be a priority to help prevent falls and other accidents. Luckily, there are some simple tips and household hacks that can make a space more senior-safe and friendly.

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