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Are These Common Supplements Safe?

Research on the benefits of most supplements show very mixed results, and only about 23 percent of folks who take supplements are doing so at the advice of their health care provider. Here are three of the most common supplements and what the research tells us.

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Dementia and Sleep: 8 Tips to Keep Nighttime from Becoming a Nightmare

Night can become an anxious time as dementia progresses. The disease may interfere with the sleep/wake cycle in the brain, leading to overnight restlessness and daytime drowsiness, which can make symptoms worse. However, there are a number of helpful steps care partners can take that don’t involve drugs.

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Five Activities to Engage Someone With Dementia

One of the most crucial ingredients when caring for someone with dementia is meaningful engagement, which is proven to have a powerful positive impact for people living with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

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Are We Overprescribed? Four Questions to Ask Your Doctor

According to a 2014 Harvard University Center of Ethics blog, an estimated 128,000 people die each year from drugs prescribed to them, making medication-related death the fourth leading cause of death in America.

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Four Tips for Caregiving on Vacation

Summer is the time for vacations and fun in the sun, but caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s or another dementia can be challenging, especially in fiercely hot weather.

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